Personal Journal of Travels, Adventures and, Perspectives of Cage Northfort
As I do not have the ability to write for myself at this time, this Journal will be told from my perspective by a Bard or Scribe, when time and Silver allows it. I hope to one day be able to keep my own pages one day but, in this too, will be when time is available to study.

That time is not now however, as I’m in the middle of a civil war over the powers that be for the control of Bar-Innis between Berithor and, his sister Dierdre. Gide the Leader of the Gide’s Gallants requited me at the Battle of Cerran’s Grant after my contract with Count Bagericus had expired. Having been badly wounded during the course of that battle, I was carted off away from the field for healing and, my protection as I was extremely close to death after my rage had finally subsided. I was unconscious for days, when I finally awoke, I was far from Cerran’s Grant and, taken to an Apothicary so, my wounds cound be tended. It took a full month and a half before I was back up to full strength…many of the wounds were superficial but, there were many indeed and, I had lost a lot of blood on the field that day but, not as much as I left in my wake. The pile of bodies that lay at my feet were many and, the people of the region still talk of my skills in battle. Unfortunately, at the time, I didn’t care about what side I fought for, as long as I got to fight for Mizras. I fought for my own side, selfish needs and, for those who could afford my sword arm but, Gide and this group of adventurers made me see the pitfalls of not having people to cover your back when the fighting begins and, for me…when it ends. I thought I was all I needed on a battlefield…that of my faith and, of my rage to see me through but, I see it differently now since being involved with this band of misfits…great one and all but, what a mighty task Gide has taken on, choosing us to fight along side him as our commander. These men, (Gide, Taer, Xar) and, a woman (Geri), have shown me I still have much to learn about the world and, myself. I fear that I may one day accidently kill one of them in the heat of battle and, this weighs heavily on my conscious. I’ve already unleashed my anger at one of them and, was arrested for letting Geri get the better of my temper, as I played right into her hands. Luckily for she and I, Gide and the rest of the group voted us back in as members of the Gallants.
Recently, several attempts have been made on Gide’s life by high class/well skilled assassins and, have cut someone’s purse deep for it as, they nearly succeeded in killing him. If it wasn’t for us getting him to the White Sister and, the other times with us Gallants standing watch over him, surely if he was a normal man, he’d be dead many times over already. They’re trying to cut the head off the dragon and, hope that the rest of us fall to shambles…without his leadership, this group might just do that? It’s not a day I want to see, nor do I wish to see this group disband as it feels like a family of sorts, companions and good ones at that.
Gide and, the Gallant’s have finally picked a side in this Civil War and, Gide recieved an Officer’s position. I can only hope this works out for best all of us as, it could go extremely bad very quickly and, I hate having to run. I’ve been running ever since my day’s in Denton were over…with my family gone and, no one to count on, this group is the first ones who’ve accepted me the way I am but, are still fearfully causious of my Berserker nature. I don’t blaim them…when in the mindless fury of the ‘Red Rage’, as the White Sisters called it, I’m able, nay, even liable to take out several of our members before coming back under control of my senses. That is a scarry thing for any soldier, merc or otherwise to be asked to endure. I care for Gide and the other Gallants and, will do anything to keep them safe, even from me if it need be the way of things to come. I wonder if the White Sister can truly help me if I ever get the time or money needed…I first time I spoke with them it seemed like I couldn’t be helped but, maybe they’re just testing me to see if it’s something I truly desire before commiting themselves to any treatment. If they can’t help me then, I fear that my rages might get the better of me one day and, I’ll be alone, dead or, both…then where would Truevein go then? I hate the idea of locking up my truest friend in the Hall of Heroes to collect dust but, the thought of it falling into the wrong hands, far out weighs this impulse. Gide has my Last Will to be carried out as he is my Leader/Commander to see to Truevein’s final destination upon my distruction, may that be a long time from now. I know that Gide is trust worthy and will see my final wishes carried out to the letter…he is an honorable man and, will see them done. I may ammend my will one day to allow this group to further Truevein’s name in our cause to fend off the Savage Orrish of the North and East. For ages, Truevein has stood as a beacon of Light and, a symbol of power against the Darkness. I feel the time has come for it to sound again it’s call to those who wish to rally to the side of it’s strength and, stand tall against those who wish to do us harm by hearing the ringing of metal on metal, flesh tearing and, the bones of our enemies cracking under the power of my might and the strength of our cause…may they always be just.
Geri calls me a killer and, I do not deny this statement as I am a Soldier, a merc and, a warrior. It’s what I do…I kill people for silver, for our cause or, in defense of those I choose to protect. I always figured it would be up in the Dentons and, serving to protect my family and, Birth home but, the Orrish took that all away from me that night they raided our town. Hunting them down and slaying them all was nothing but, a hellish blur of pure savage fury and, a rage that once unleashed might not ever subside. The people of my town and, the others of the Merchant Cities started to call me, “The Beast of the North” and, they were afraid…they should be! I don’t know if I’ll ever not be a berserker but, I’d like control over my own anggression and, to be able to control myself better as I’m often gruff or of a foul mood. Gide and the Gallant’s have been good to me and, I’d like to make some personal changes to reflect my gratitude to these brothers (+sister) in arms. If the ‘Red Rage’ can not be helped, perhaps my temper could be eased to lower the possibility of me going berserk unexpectedly and, lengthen the amount of time I have in combat before losing control. Geri has mentioned the Grollen Pit-fighters of Beryl and, how they learned a disipline to hold off their natural tendency of their Bloodlust while in combat…perhaps it might prove a benefit to several of our group to seek their council to study this technique further. If it can be studied and learned by us few who have our own tendencies to lose control of ourselves during combat, then this might be of great use to us. I will mention it to Gide to feel out his general perception and, the probability of us taking a detour…it could prove as another sign to those we now follow in this Civil War of our dedication to the cause by, strengthening us inturnally as a cohesive unit. Given that we’re on the run, Gide and, several other of our members are in no condition to do much else other then to heal and run at the moment, this my well get put off a while…but, one never knows where this life might take us. I certainly didn’t see myself traveling South to Dunstrand and, joining the Gallant’s yet, here I am in the thick of it. Mizrus must be having a good time laughing at the current state of things but, he likes to win at all cost…at the moment, we need that same strength to endure this fight if we ever wish to come out on top.

CY-9163/5/24: Present/CY-9163/Month 6/Day? Back at the Tower of the Stagg.
Entry#2: Being chased in lowlands, no wins for awhile, no progress vs. Berithor’s army. Me, Gallants + Baron Wheglin of Osmail Mark, starting to lose men, 1-2 a week, getting worse. Baron decided we needed attack vs. Berithor’s men, killing our men when moving camp. Gide, Taer, Xar and Geri stayed behind, pretended to be workers. Riders came, the first Rider struck dead by arrows. They captured one rider and horse, others left. It was victory and welcome for men in camp. At Baron Robert Wheglin’s request, I was with our men to help morale, inspire them in hopes to not lose more men to desertion. I talked with them all, showing that,’the mighty Cage Northfort’, a hero in North, cares. Baron was pleased, no diserters that night. Baron gave me a Fine Knife with jeweled hilt, razor-sharpe blade. It was nice, most unexpected but, genuine. Men show up in camp, support for our side.

We need more help…it good start but, without more, we will lose. Needed to move quick. Gide decided go to Gnedport, check on Lord Fanamyr. Xar snuck into town past guards to Viscount’s estate. Not heavily guarded, more guards down the street. Many more men at Farm house up North road to Prencross Inn. Xar tried contact with Baron, he wouldn’t risk it. Xar reported what found. Gide came up with plan, we went in darkness to estate. Xar looked to climb, found nothing to 2nd floor window. Plan ‘B’, killed one guard at front door with arrows. Second ran in house, locked door. Xar chased to town. Caught him, he killed him, drug him to shadows. 2 men came out of tavern, they ran back inside. Gide and me grabbed bench, battered door to estate, opened a hole. Taer with axe hit door, created opening. 2 spears, 2 x-bow bolts all missed, he ducked, we jumped off him into house. Time was short, Gide + I leaped threw door, got speared…laughing+cursing as we went, Gide right behind me. Fought guards from ground ‘til we could stand. Taer threw axe and missed, guard was distracted, Viscount came down stairs + killed guard swinging at Gide. Taer reached in, un-barred door, he called them Ass-wipes! Hard not to laugh killin’em. Went to get Viscount out of town. He wouldn’t go without wife and some things. He ran upstairs, gathered stuff…Gide went with. Taer held bottom floor, Geri got horses, I guarded the front. I waited. I saw Xar run down street, chased by two men, Truevein’an me ran for’em. They ran off at breakneck speeds, scarred of me + Xar, we let them go, got back to estate. Fetching Viscount, wife and gear. We speed off on horseback, the watchmen on our trail. Xar, Taer fell off horses, I stopped, got them on horses again…Xar stayed on, Taer fell few more times. Riders were on us, I went for’em + rode off to side, one followed. Tear faced three. Thought one would stand and fight, he wouldn’t dismount horse, kept him from Tear. Got out of there after Taer’s fight with horsemen…I thought Taer was dead man. Taer, with usual insults at enemies, he attacked, battling for minutes, killin’ one, he leaped on horse to leave. I covered guarding Taer’s reteat.

We untited Baron + Viscount back at camp. Got few days rest. With another victory, Viscount Fanamyr now joined, gaining more men daily, not many but, more for Dierdre. Need info. on Small Mark to learn more on region. Patrols heavy, Xar found rest spot, almost walked up to them in dark. Three riders, a mile from town…he waited, trailed them, gained route of township. We talked to Bandits in Darnell Woods. We camped, they found us, we knew being watched. Gide asked to talk with bandit leader at camp. Blindfolded they marched in woods a while. Many people fled evils of Berithor’s men. One, a 15 year old girl, Terry Noring nicknamed,’the Schrew’. She witnessed rape of friend, Marie, she fled to the woods…she’s also niece of Baron of Small Mark. Gide gave her, message for baron, what forces in town, info. for Dierdre’s people. He agreed, “If” his niece left Small Mark and, kept safe ‘til end of the war. 1200 silvers in pearls to help, promised more later. We accepted terms, sent note back to uncle. She didn’t return. Gide went to town disguised, she was caught, accused to be with rebels. They to hang her next day. Army wanted her to accuse the baron of dealing with rebels, they want him dead…she gave them nothing. Taer now to aid in her rescue. We formed a plan, Geri as spectator for hanging, Xar covered us with Long Bow on roof, Gide rush in on horseback, rescue Terry. Geri cast magic it held floor plank, gave Gide time to ride up, spear hangmen, leaped to platform, cut rope saved Terry but, Marie dead. Taer and I mounted on horse covered retreat/escape from town. We made camp, gave Terry, ‘Don’t your friends Killed’, speech from Gide. Rest of us would’ve not said it well. She gets big picture of actions leading to Maria’s death. Did good not cracking to intimidation, not giving up us or, Baron to Berithor’s army. That gave Terry some quality to Taer, myself and, the Gallants. She was worth rescuing, girl’s gonna need training, stay out of sight of combat situations. She’s big risk to us as a ward. I think she go to Monaides with Relb + Baron Balif Thwindle. Gide said no. She’s around, ‘the Mighty Cage Northfort’, makes me grumble, she’s got spirit, holds her own vs. Taer…that funny, keeping her safe might be o.k…? If she follows commands, Gide’s orders. She needs gear, protection, ranged weapons, leather jerkin like Geri. Somethin’ to keep her safe. Xar teach her running and bow when Gide says….Crap! I may kill her during training I might teach her. Gide don’t want to teach anything close to keep distance from foes.
We made for main force camp with baron and viscount. They had celebration uniting openly against Berithor, now we got third Baron of Small Mark, inside man to town, he can do good there…
During celebrations, a Red Cloak + two mage hunters from Dunstrand City been tracking Geri, she was ambushed, they beat her quickly. I asked what this crap was about. Gide came to confront Red Cloak. The Baron and Viscount agreed, hell! arranged Geri to be taken…they found zombie on back of Geri’s mule….Shit! What could say? Necromancy ain’t allowed, anywhere! it was right in front of everyone. Couldn’t fight infront of the Baron and Viscount’s men. Last thing we need. To face now as we’re gaining speed in war effort be bad. Can’t fight ‘All’ of House Malor. To kill these three guys now, Outlaws…that don’t even cut what we’d become. We let them take Geri to Dunstrand City for dumb Trial, even though that zombie helped get the Baron out of trouble when captured by Berithor’s men. Raising dead ain’t good, it was only way we could free Baron Wheglin and family. We figured this maybe an ambush, a trick? None liked the idea getting caught in open like that. We left in morning before Red Cloaks for Dunstrand City. Xar leading us past Mosshaven spotted red glint in distance behind us heading to Mosshaven. Close to town, Xar scouted ahead and saw the three that took Geri with her wrapped in sack. Xar runs to confront them, says mage no Red Cloak. Ha! He proved wrong. The Red Cloak rode into Mosshaven. Waiting a minute for whatever he did to wear off on Xar…dirty and, embarassed, he headed into town after the Red Cloak…keeping distance this time. The Red Cloak and hunters entered Inn with Geri. The magus pays hunters with bags of coin. The serving wench talks to him…Xar couldn’t hear anything. The Mage goes up stairs to bed, the wench says something to Geri…Geri screams! she gets boot to head. She takes Geri to boarding house down street. Xar looks around house, he spots open window, a blue bird lands on wenches hand, a while later the house lights up. He comes back reporting to us outside the city. We go town planning of gaining entry. I go to front door asking for room to rent. Met old woman, seemed nice, I didn’t trust anything in house. Guarded, I saw no imediate theats. The old woman showed me around…I worried about poison, even by old lady. Foolish but, why risk it, I wasn’t hungry. After the kitchen, I asked where latrean was, I turned to leave, I felt sudden movement, as I ducked away from boiling kettle. The pot full of hot water. Then the little old crotch picked up Butcher’s Knife off block and, came at me with it…I ran to door, opened it, let Gallants inside. I got slash on back from old crow, at least guys saw old bitch was crazy! Gide and Xar were next in door, both got hit with Barrels/Flower pots from above. Decided to run up stairs, face assholes head on. Something came over the guys?...they began to face off and hit each other,thought they mean’t to kill each other…No time to guess what the fuck about, some big dock worker/bouncer type threw barrel at me. I jumped over barrel, he grabbed sword arm, I tried headbutt’em, guy moved. I caught him with punch to ear/temple, he lifted me off ground, he lost balance, we went over railing. We landed on Gide. I was Pissed!!! Shook off the pain, Red Rage took me…Truevein split Big man in half, he was in daze…Cleaved him in two! Took solid blow to side from Xar, his shield in flames…didn’t matter, was out to kill everything. About to go for Xar’s head, he ran off to kitchens, out of sight, I wanted witch fuckin’ with friends more then him. The big man came back, rose from dead, I killed him again, he moved no more. Could hear chanting behind door, ran up stairs again raging, I kicked huge door that was barred. Split it’s hinges, sent splinters throughout room with one kick, it slammed open reveiled spellcaster. Casting something, escaping out window. Came in fast and hard, striked down with mighty swing, one that could kill almost any foe. Something wrong? It’s Geri’s voice I heard scream, could do nothing in rage…I left her to die. Not seeing her as threat to me anymore. Began to search house for serving wench, I saw her as the fighting began. Don’t know where Taer and Xar made off too? I saw nothing as house burned around me. I searched for wench in house, kicked down doors, destroyed everything in path. Gide came back in to rescue Geri! Foolish, brave leader of ours…admire him for it…true bravery at best. Wounded, close to death, still he risks neck to save and care for his crew. Most men would’ve buggered out the first minute I went into rage and destroyed everything…Gide’s got guts! Taer lost his shit! Gambler came back to life, he killed him, hacked old lady too. He was o.k. until gambler tripped, fell and died on burning lamp…well, o.k. until he got up as zombie…it freaked him out!! He crashed out some window face first, totally tramatized. He missed the fleeing wench, a Priestess of Malek.!? WTF, Xar killed her, cut off her head, placed it on spear, he left holy symbol on head so all know what she was. Tear really tweeked, we all messed with him later. He kept pulling glass out face saying, “That’s just not Right Man! If you’re dead, stay down…it’s just not right!”. We all got good laugh out of that, it was really messed up, we really need to regroup at camp and, tend our wounds. They are many!

We left Mosshaven, we came across speeding carriage, 4 riders in front. Gide waved to them, they all turned to run him down. We wen’t for cover, then our horses as Geri, Xar launced arrows at them, Taer swung axe. Gide was injured, I stayed close to him, we formed shield Wall… We killed 4 of 5 riders, then chased carraige, Gilhed’s personal transport, we found Priestess of Aerna being “escorted’ to Mev. They offered healing, seemed genuine. They wished to travel to Mev dispite treatment, said would report to White Sisters of Berithor’s wicked treatment. Sounded good to us, we let them go. We returned to killed riders, one Calvary horse was gone, Geri found Dagger in grass off the road. I had gaunlets, I picked up posion Dagger. (1) not where we fought horsemen, (2) It was pitched to side of road, we believe it came the priestesses in carraige, (3) it was poisoned (4) Holy Symbol of GloomBringer…A Dark God of evil and assassin’s. We fucking had them! We had them, we let them go like suckers! Could’ve killed them all if we knew. Would’ve too! Getting to point where can’t trust anyone…Going to start demanding papers, crests, identifcation before talking to anyone, trouble is, can all be forged by the right connections.


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